Google Kenya Defaced by Bangladeshi Hacker

Kenyan domains of Dell, Microsoft, HP, LinkedIn and YouTube have also been affected

A few hours ago, visitors of the official Google Kenya domain ( were met with a page that displayed the following message: “Hacked by TiGER-M@TE, Bangladeshi hacker.”

Currently, Google Kenya appears to be working properly, but I’ve managed to find mirrors of the defacement page.

The most likely scenario is that Google itself hasn’t been breached. Instead, the hacker compromised some DNS servers, probably the ones of the .ke domain registrar, and altered them to make sure visitors would be redirected to his defacement page.

In addition to, the hacker also defaced the Kenya domains of Dell, Skype, HP, Youtube, LinkedIn, Bing, Microsoft and others.

Back in February, TiGER-M@TE utilized the same method to deface the Malawi sites of Google, Coca Cola, Yahoo, Fanta and Hotmail.

The same technique was used in the past months by other hackers to deface Google Morocco, Google Turkmenistan, Google Saint Helena and other Google sites.

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