Google Issues Workaround Allowing You to Install Paid Apps on Android Wear

A few days after the problem was signaled, Google does the right thing

Worried you can't install paid Android Wear apps on your smartwatch? Google hasn't been sleeping in its shoes and, just a few days after the problem was reported, is issuing a “workaround” that should swipe the problem under the rug and open the gates towards the apps you purchased.

Google explains the solution on the Android Developers blog, which requires developers to manually package the wearable APK. Basically, the name of the directory in which the wearable APK is placed has to be changed.

Like always, Google knows how to do damage control. The search giant has apologized for the inconvenience, promising that an update to permanently fix things will soon follow.

So, if you’re a developer working for Android Wear, make sure you take a few minutes to look through Google’s instructions, in order to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, you’ll not be making any money on your Android Wear products. Not for the time being, anyway. Although Google seems quite quick to meet its promises.

Or you could be taking the other route and launch the app as free of charge and collect your money by using the in-app purchase alternative.

Anyway, the free Android Wear apps are good to go and users can install them on your watch without much fuss.

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