Google Intros New Voice App and Widgets for Android

Google Voice has just got a little better for Android users, as the Mountain View-based Internet company announced the release of a new application for handsets powered by this operating system, complemented by the release of new widgets.

Basically, the new software solutions are meant to offer Android users the possibility to access Google Voice faster than before, at least this is what a recent post on the Google Voice Blog states.

“Mobile is all about getting super fast access to what you’re looking for and Google Voice is no exception. So, today we’re releasing an update to the Android app, which gives you immediate access to your Google Voice Inbox and settings via two new home screen widgets,” can be read on the blog post.

The new Google Voice Inbox widget was designed so as to deliver the most recent voicemails and text messages straight to the home screen of a mobile phone.

Users can easily flip through these messages in the Inbox, while being able to select any of the messages to be opened with the Google Voice app.

As for the new Settings widget, it has been designed so as to offer access to a number of four features that should prove quite handy to all people:

- Get instant access to the full Google Voice app by clicking the Google Voice icon.

- Quickly compose and send free text messages.

- Change your dialing preferences on the fly. You can have your phone use Google Voice in four different ways, depending on your calling preference.

- Select Do Not Disturb and all calls to your Google number will be sent straight to Voicemail.

On top of all these, the user's credit balance is displayed on the phone's screen, so that one can easily stay up to date with this.

Those interested in trying out the widgets should know that they can be used together or individually, depending on one's needs or preferences.

Both widgets are part of the new Google Voice application, which was already made available for download from the Android Market.

The widgets can be added to the home screen panel in a simple manner.

One can do so through pressing the menu button from the home screen and then select Add > Widgets > Google Voice Inbox or Google Voice Settings.

“You will need a valid Google Voice account to use them, and Google Voice is available free to anyone in the US,” the said blog post concludes.

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