Google Goggles 1.6 Can Search from the Camera on Android Phones

Users can opt for Goggles to have access to photos taken with the handset's camera

A new version of the Google Goggles application for Android-based mobile phones is now available for download, bringing along the possibility to launch search straight from the camera on the handset.

The new flavor of Google Goggles was meant to enhance the camera on Android devices by setting the application to automatically analyze photos that have been taken with it.

Basically, the new opt-in feature in Goggles provides users with the ability to take a photo with the camera and then have the mobile application analyze it in the background and inform them on any items that have been recognized there.

Google Goggles was designed with image recognition technology so that it is able to recognize objects and provide users with relevant search results.

It can easily identify various products in these photos, as well as landmarks, storefronts, and more, including artwork or images that can be found online.

Not to mention that the application was developed so as to scan barcodes and QR codes too, and that it can even scan business cards and then add contacts to the address book.

Now, the mobile software will do more for users, through a new Search from Camera feature, which enables Goggles access any photo that has been taken with the phone's camera.

“Today, we launched a new version of Google Goggles that enhances the camera on your Android-powered phone,” Pavel Vodenski, software engineer, Google, explains.

“Let’s say that I’m going on vacation, and I decide to use my Android-powered phone as my primary camera. Goggles would identify landmarks, paintings and other interesting objects in my photos. I can share these facts about my vacation with my friends right from my Goggles search history.”

To enable the option, simply go to Google Goggles, hit Menu, then Settings, and go to Search from Camera.

The new Google Goggles 1.6 was made available for download via the Android Market. It can be found here, with support for all devices that run under the Android 2.1 or newer operating system flavors.


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