Google Glass Will Only Be Available in 2014

The augmented reality eyewear is definitely going to leave people hanging

Glasses haven't been a mark of low eye health or shame for decades, ever since sunglasses were first invented, but they aren't exactly anything more than a fashion accessory either. Google's Project Glass could change that, but it looks like we have to wait a while for it to happen.

Google Glass is, or will be, a piece of electronic eyewear that will augment the reality of anyone wearing it, so to speak.

Essentially a very stylish monocle, it will supposedly be able to superimpose informative images and text over whatever wearers happen to be seeing at the time.

The Glass will also take photos, shoot videos and include sound generation technology, for audio feedback.

Many expected that it would not take too long before the first version of Google Glass arrived, but hopes have been dashed by Time Magazine and its “Best Inventions of the Year 2012” column.

The entry for Google Glass says that “Consumers should be able to buy Google Glass by 2014.” This is actually the entirety of the new information.

Time Magazine doesn't say where the information came from, but it is the only estimated time of arrival (ETA) anyone could find.

For those that want a quick rundown of what Google Glass can do, it is basically a wearable webcam with a modicum of artificial intelligence, integrated broadband (for internet) and audio support.

The small screen set in front of the right eye can superimpose useful information and images on top of buildings, people, vehicles or other objects that users happen to be gazing upon.

Establishing and maintaining phone or video calls should be possible as well, if not from the start, then eventually.

The next two years will let Google review everything it wants the item to do. There is only one hiccup: the matter of privacy, since some people don't approve of being caught on photo or video by random passers-by. We'll have to wait and see if any regulations and restrictions are set in place.

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