Google Glass Got Banned at the Alamo Drafthouse

The device can't be used within all the movie theaters within the chain

As Google prepares to launch Glass to the world sometime this year, more and more people and businesses are forming an opinion about the device and things aren’t looking well for the Internet giant.

Glass Explorers have already faced quite a few incidents due to wearing the device in public as people had the false impression that they were being filmed without their permission, usually stemming from misinformation.

On top of the things that people have to go through simply because they dare wear the device outside their homes, public places such as restaurants have taken a stand against Glass as well, banning people from wearing their gadgets inside.

Now, Alamo Drafthouse, the famous movie theater chain, has decided to ban the device on its premises, joining a growing list of private businesses that adopt this attitude.

The cinema chain actually has a valid concern, however, and that’s the risk of piracy within the theaters. While smartphones are perfectly ok to have on you, they’re a lot easier to spot if they’re used to record the movie, which can’t be said about Glass. Concerns are a bit silly, however, since Glass doesn’t have the battery or the storage space to actually record a full-length video and chances are it never will.

The decision to ban Google Glass at the Drafthouse will be revisited after a year, said CEO Tim League, while enforcement of the rule will be considered for each case. After all, Glass can now come with prescription lenses and people could use them as their main pair of glasses to see the world around them. Under such circumstances, if the person has no spare pair on them, they should be allowed to watch the movie.

Back in January, a man wore his pair of prescription Glass into the theater without thinking twice. He’d been so accustomed to using Glass that he didn’t even realize he didn’t have the extra pair on him.

An hour into the movie, he was interrupted from viewing the movie and escorted out of the theater where he was questioned for about three hours under the suspicion of illegally recording the movie simply because he was wearing the device.

His pair of Glass was actually been turned off since he had entered the cinema and, as he couldn’t see without them, he kept them on. He was eventually left alone after the agents finally figured out that he was innocent and was compensated with two free movie tickets for it all.

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