Google Glass Gets World Cup Cards, Improved Photo Sharing, New Notifications

Glass users now have a new set of features to enjoy

Google Glass is getting another update and it’s just in time for the World Cup. The company will be adding five new features to the device, including Google Now cards for the football event.

The devices will also get an update that will improve the photo sharing feature. More specifically, when you take a picture on Glass, it will instantly appear on the screen of your Android phone when the MyGlass app is opened.

The photo can then be opened, edited and exported to whatever photo sharing app the user wants, be it Instagram, Facebook, or other. Since this feature is reserved for those who connect their Glass to their Android devices, a solution for iOS users is also in the works.

As mentioned, there are also World Cup Google Now cards that will bring notifications to the screens of the users. All the users have to do is add their favorite team or click yes when the option to get match updates appears.

On the phone, the Google Now card will look as all the rest, while on the Glass, there will be more information, including the time of the match, the flags of the teams, the group they belong to and an overall score list.

Another feature that is included in the brand new Glass update provides parking location help. “If you forget where you parked your car, just look to the left of your Glass home screen and you’ll find your Parking location card. You can follow the map back to your parking spot,” reads Google’s announcement.

This should come particularly handy when visiting new areas or going to a concert, for instance, when parking is always a problem.

The Glass software will also include a new set of notifications regarding whatever packages have been ordered online. The cards will include information about package shipping status and delivery details, which are based on Gmail.

Members of the Explorer program will also be surprised to notice another feature they’ve been asking for for a while, namely battery notifications. A mobile notification has been added to let users know when Glass is low on battery.

The feature will, once more, be available for the MyGlass app Android users. The notifications will only be sent once the battery drops below 20 percent.

Google Glass is supposed to be released to the whole world, presumably for a lower price, sometime this year, although no specific timeline has been provided.

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