Google Glass Becomes Available in the UK for £1,000

Just before Google I/O, the company expands Glass reach outside the US

A day ahead of the Google I/O conference, the company has taken its Google Glass abroad, making the device available for British customers. The high-tech wearable gadget is on sale for £1,000 (€1,250) in the UK, which is quite a bit more than the US price since it equals a little over $1,700.

The device continues to be in beta, which means that a cheaper, more reliable gadget may end up on the shelves in the coming months, as per Google’s promise. More about this is expected to be announced at the I/O 2014 conference on Wednesday, although Google may once more choose to stay silent on the topic.

This is the first time that Google Glass becomes available for sale outside the United States, although there are plenty of members of the Explorer program in other countries, depending on the agreements that Google has with developers.

Furthermore, the device has been on show in multiple countries around the world, although it wasn’t available for purchase, but rather as a PR move with Google trying to convince everyone of just how great Glass is. Whether it has succeeded or not it remains to be seen and we’ll likely know more when Google gives us all an extra glimpse into how many Explorer members there are.

British customers can choose between the generic frames that have been available from the start or the Titanium collection if you need prescription lenses to go along with Glass. These, of course, cost a bit more, just as they do in the United States.

The company has also released an accompanying video showing people in London going about their days, whether that means they’re cycling and taking directions, receiving a call, ordering takeout, recording videos and taking pictures, checking out a shopping list, translating notes on the go, keeping track of flights and exercising progress, to name just a few of the functions of the device.

The announcement comes just after the company let everyone know that some additional Glassware had become available for Google Glass. Shazam, the popular tool that helps people figure out what song is playing around them is now in the Glassware Store, as well as “Zombies, Run!” – a cute fitness app that makes you believe you’re running away from the undead.

The purchases can be made directly from the MyGlass on the Android device or straight from the online store that Google put together.

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