Google Gives Mobile Search a Facelift

A new button on the results page, new menu options

Today, Mountain View-based Internet giant Google announced a series of new changes to its mobile search service. According to the company, these changes affect the look of Google Search results for mobile and were meant to provide users with a consistent overall experience. Moreover, it seems that the Google search results on computers have been modified too, with the same purpose.

“When it comes to mobile search, we strive to not only give you the same comprehensiveness and relevance as when searching with Google on your computer, but also a consistent look, feel, and overall user experience. So today, as we roll out a new look for Google Search results on your computer, we are happy to announce similar changes to Google Search results for mobile,” a recent post on the Google Mobile Blog reads.

The newly redesigned Google Search results for mobile are accessible to handset users in the United States, which own an Apple iPhone or a device running under Google's own mobile operating system, Android. After heading to from the phone and entering a search, users will be able to access a new search options menu by tapping on the button placed on the left side of the search box on the results page.

As soon as one item is selected from the options menu, the search gets refined. “For example, if you are looking for recent results for 'Mother's day gift', simply tap the 'Past week' option,” the aforementioned blog post continues. While the new search results are available only for Android and iPhone at the moment, the coming weeks should bring support for additional devices, as well as an expanded number of available options.

One other thing that should be mentioned is that, when the menu expands, the search results will slide to the right, going off the screen. However, users will still be able to interact with them and view them by panning to the right. Additionally, Google Search results for mobile includes some new menu options, such as “News” and “Products.”


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