Google Forces Users to "Upgrade" to Google+ in Any Way It Can

There's a big push to have people create Google+ profiles

By on January 3rd, 2013 10:02 GMT
You may have noticed that Google+ is showing up in more and more places. Whatever you're trying to do on Google, you'll see Google+ pushed in front of you one way or another.

This has always been the plan and Google's explanation is that Google+ is Google, so, really, nothing has changed.

But that's not what most people would say. More and more users end up setting up a Google+ profile, some not even realizing what exactly they're signing up for.

That's because Google+ is becoming a requirement for more and more of Google's services.

The move isn't universally loved at Google, in fact, quite a few Googlers are worried that the pressure to prop up Google+ ends up hurting all other products.

The push though comes from the top, CEO Larry Page first pushed Google to come up with Google+ and then to have it built into everything else the company does.

Lately, he's been more aggressive about "promoting" Google+ by making it a requirement, the Wall Street Journal reports.

For example, user reviews for places and businesses can only be written by people with a Google+ profile. The same goes for app reviews in the Google Play Store, as of a month or so ago.

New Google users are pushed into creating a Google+ profile as well. Blogger and YouTube users are constantly nagged to link up or "upgrade" their existing profiles to Google+ ones.

While some inside Google may disagree, they don't really have a choice, as Larry Page put it rather bluntly after Google+ was launched, you can add Google+ to whatever you're working on or you can find a new place to work. Page is very keen on everyone at Google having an unified vision: his own.

All of this means Google can report some impressive user numbers, over 500 million Google+ profiles have been created to date. But the number of people that use Google+ is significantly smaller. It remains to be seen whether pushing people to create profiles they don't really want will eventually lead them to use those profiles or not.
Google users are pushed to create Google+ profiles
   Google users are pushed to create Google+ profiles

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