Google Earth vs. Google Maps

The differences between the two services

Google Earth and Google Maps are two technologies powered by the Mountain View company which provide almost the same features but in different ways. While Google Maps is available through the window of your browser, Google Earth is a downloadable application which can be installed on your computer in order to view the satellite imagery straight from your desktop. However, the super giant Google updates the two products every once in a while so they have almost the same functions. Anyway, is there any difference between the two products? Google says yes because Google Earth can provide better photos bundled with improved functionality.

"While both Google Earth and Google Maps use satellite imagery to share geographical information, such as the location of a building or driving directions, Google Earth provides a more powerful, interactive user experience and offers more tools for learning about a location. The Google Earth experience is one of fast, fluid flight -- zooming and rotating and tilting imagery to view the geographic data you're interested in. You can wind along hairpin turns, view buildings in 3D, and fly to businesses near your favorite location," the Mountain View company explains.

"Also, Google Earth allows you to easily measure distances and areas, draw lines and shapes, and even import your own data."

However, both applications received quite revolutionary functions that lured a considerable number of consumers. While Google Maps received Street View, that innovative feature which shows street-level panoramas from several US cities, Google Earth was updated with Flight Simulator and Sky, two abilities which provide a different perspective over the satellite imagery included in the downloadable tool.

Moreover, Google Earth has a lot of hidden goodies which were not presented by the parent company so you might have some surprises while using the downloadable software solution.

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