Google Earth 5.2 Comes Out of Beta

Google Earth 5.2 has come out of beta with the release of Google Earth While it doesn't have any new features for existing users, the update fixes some of the bugs left in the beta version.

"We’re excited to announce that Google Earth Pro 5.2 is now out of beta," Cristelle Blackford, from the Google Earth Pro Team, wrote.

"With the initial launch two months ago, we detailed the new features that are available to all Google Earth users, including Multitrack and Elevation Profile, and outlined the new Google Earth Pro Data Layers," she wrote.

With Google Earth coming out of beta, the team decided to highlight some of the features available only in Google Earth Pro aimed at professionals needing powerful mapping tools.

Since those using Google Earth Pro regularly work with big amounts of data specific to their company or organization, it's important to enable them to manage and display this data efficiently at any detail level. Vector and Image Regionation are two features that make this possible.

"Vector and Image Regionation make it possible to integrate even more of your own data and imagery into the Google Earth globe, while maintaining the fast, 3D performance you and other professionals rely on," she explained.

The concept is simple, and Google already applies it to its own data. With Vector Regionation, Google Earth Pro displays only the most important data when zoomed out and then progressively more information as users zoom in. This strikes the perfect balance between information and visibility.

The same principle is applied to imagery. For those using custom imagery, which may be highly detailed, the Image Regionation feature enables them to view the images while zooming out with the optimal level of detail. This ensures that huge images don't slow down your computer and look properly as well.

Google Earth 5.2 ( is available for download here on Softpedia.

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