Google's "Save to Drive" Chrome Extension Sends Files from the Web Directly to the Cloud

The Google Drive image viewer also gets a couple of new features

Google is making it easier to add files to your Google Drive and is sidestepping the desktop even more. You can now save images you find on the web and even entire web pages directly to Drive via the new Save to Drive Chrome extension.

Normally, something like this would require you to save an image to your local desktop and then upload it back to Google Drive.

But this doesn't make a lot of sense when both the source and the destination live online, you're only adding an unnecessary step to the process.

The extension makes it a lot easier to grab anything from the web and save it in your Drive account. After you save a file, you'll immediately be able to open the file in Drive, rename it or go to the Drive file list.

It works for images well, but it also works to any link to files. If all you want is to save a file to Google Drive, there's no need to save it locally anymore.

What's more, if you need the file on another device, it's also a simple way of sending it directly to it.

Along with the extension, Google also revamped the image viewer in Drive. The viewer has a couple more options now, like the ability to scroll to zoom or comment on sections.

"There are also a few new ways to work with images you’re already storing in Drive. You can now zoom by scrolling or using the new ‘fit to page’ and 100% buttons. And if you have something to say about a specific part of an image, you can select a region and add a comment to it," Google explained.

That said, the viewer is basically just reinventing the wheel, Google already has very decent ones in Google+ and Picasa.


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