Google Debuts Google+ Badges for Regular Users, Faster Sharing with +1 Buttons

Anyone can create a Google+ badge for their profiles

Google is already ready to overhaul Google+ buttons, only a couple of months after it introduced them. It's not a complete revamp, but some big things are changing, Google hopes for the better.

For one, the share box should be a lot more visible as it will pop up after clicking on the +1 button every time.

The badges will also read "follow" for brands and pages, making it easier to start following a page and also clearer what the button does.

Finally, Google is now allowing regular users to create badges for their profiles as well, to use on their blogs for example.

"Over a million websites use Google+ plugins -- like the +1 button and the badge for Pages -- to help visitors connect with their brand and share their content with others," Google boasted.

"Starting today, it’ll be a little easier to share right from the +1 buttons all across the web. Now, after you +1 something, the share box will pop open right away, without an extra click. Add a comment if you want, choose the people you want to share with, and you’re done," Google described the changes to the +1 button.

It's obvious why Google is doing this, it wants people more involved with Google+. But it may backfire as people may stop clicking on the +1 button because of the annoying popup.

Whereas badges used to urge people to add the pages to their circles, they now simply read "follow," making the button a lot easier to understand. Clicking on the follow button will add the page straight to the Following circle, though users can customize their choice afterwards.

Finally, Google+ badges can be used by regular people as well, not just pages. This means that everyone can create a custom badge to use on blogs, other sites, even on other social networks.

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