Google Cloud Print Already Live Ahead of Chrome OS and Web Store Launch Event

Google is about to hold an event dedicated to Chrome. While the company wouldn't specify any details, the event will be dedicated to Chrome OS and the Chrome Web Store which will be revealed simultaneously. Rumors about both products have been coming in since last week and there are now too many indications to leave any room for doubt.

A couple of introductory videos were uploaded to the Chrome YouTube channel earlier today. While the videos are now private, some snapshots of them have leaked.

The videos show a tour of Chrome OS and a couple of apps from the Web Store. No doubt, the videos will be made available to everyone soon enough.

An even stronger indication is that Cloud Print, Google's web printing technology, is now available in the very latest versions of Google Chrome in the dev channel.

For now, Cloud Print seems to be available exclusively for the Windows platform, but support for Linux and Mac OS X is coming. But Google Cloud Print is apparently already live and working. Of course, Cloud Print should be part of the event later today so we will have a lot more details in a few hours.

Google Chrome OS was announced about a year and a half ago and revealed in late 2009. Since then, Google has stayed quiet while development pushed ahead.

Netbooks running Chrome OS were expected to hit the stores in time for the 2010 holiday season, but it looks like the first consumer products won't be available until early next year.

While Chrome OS will be unveiled later today, along with a Google-branded nebook, the device will only be available to Google employees for the time being.

Along with Chrome OS, Google is debuting the Web Store, another delayed product. The Web Store will enable users to find and 'install' web applications and should make it easier to find interesting new stuff.

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