Google Chrome Web Store Adds Offline Apps Collection

It is now available in more places, with six new countries added

The Chrome Web Store doesn't get the sort of attention the App Store or even Google's Play Store gets, but it's still a huge product for Google. Hundreds of millions of people use Chrome and many of them use the Chrome Web Store. With Chrome growing bigger and bigger, that number will only grow.

But Google is not losing sight of the goal, it's expanding the store to more countries, making it easier for users to find the apps and extensions they want and easier for developers to keep track of how their apps do.

"During these last few weeks, the Chrome Web Store team has been focused on launching the store in more countries and building some new features for developers that can help them reach and engage with more users," Google wrote.

Recently, the Web Store added six more countries to the list of supported markets, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Obviously, the Web Store worked in these countries before as it works in any other country in the world, but with the additional support, developers will be able to sell their apps there, enabling them to actually make some money.

The Web Store has just gotten a brand new Collection, after the topical Soccer (Football) one introduced ahead of the EURO 2012 championship. There is now an "Offline Apps" collection which, as you have probably figured out, lists applications that work without an internet connection.

"To help you with your data needs, we’ve created a new graph view to help you understand the performance of your apps. To make this data more accessible, you can easily download it as a CSV file. Currently, we provide 90 days of history information," Google told developers.

Google plans to expand on this feature, by increasing the period that it covers or by adding new tools for better insights.

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