Google Chrome 25 Beta Debuts with Extension Blocking, Experimental New Tab Page

The latest Chrome beta comes with plenty of new features

As expected, Google Chrome 25 has been pushed to the beta channel. The recently launched beta channel for Android already housed Chrome 25 and it was only a matter of days before the desktop version followed.

Beta users should be getting an update soon enough, if everything goes smoothly they shouldn't even notice. Chrome 25.9.1364.29 is the version pushed to the beta channel.

Unlike most recent releases, Chrome 25 actually comes with plenty of new features, from managing third-party app installs to a new tab page.

Blocking third-party app and extension installs

Software makers, trying to drum a bit more money, have an annoying habit of bundling useless toolbars or even some other apps with their creations.

Less evil but also annoying is the practice of installing add-ons and extensions in your browsers without much of a warning. Antivirus programs in particular tend to do this.

Mozilla took steps to prevent the practice more than a year ago and Google has finally done the same. Chrome will automatically disable any add-ons installed by third-party software and will prevent future ones from being installed without the user's approval.

Experimental new tab page

Google is also continuing to experiment with a new tab page with a much better integrated search experience. What this means in plain words is that it's trying to figure out how to add doodles to the new tab page. The feature is still experimental and not enabled by default, you can find out how to get it here.

Web Speech API

Chrome 25 also adds support for the Web Speech API which means developers can now add speech recognition to their apps and websites. Google has already done this in the search engine and a few other places. The API also enables developers to add text-to-speech features.

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