Google Chrome 20 Lands on Chromebooks with Drive Integration, Offline Docs

Cr-48 users are also finally getting the new, radically improved UI

Google Chrome 20 has now landed in the stable channel for Chromebooks. Given that these devices rely solely on the browser, any major update is notable since it means the entire Chromebook just got better. But this update is bigger than any of the regular ones, it actually comes with quite a lot of new features.

Chromebook owners won't be disappointed by Chrome 20 as their devices will feel a lot more useful. For one, Google Drive has now been built into Chrome OS.

What this means is that all of your Google Docs/Drive files will be available at any time on your Chromebook and, conversely, any file you save on your Chromebook will be "magically" uploaded to the Drive cloud.

Even better, offline Google Docs is now available on Chromebooks. You'll be able to work on documents exactly like you do when you're online, so that lengthy plane trip is no excuse for not getting the job done (yay?).

The Pepper version of the Flash Player, that's the version of the plugin built on top of Native Client and the Pepper plugin API, which is the default on Chrome OS, has been updated as well.

Obviously, the latest release also comes with plenty of fixes, so maybe that one issue that was always bugging you has finally been fixed. Then again, the release comes with several known issues as well, so maybe there's another annoying bug waiting for you.

Cr-48 users will be the most delighted by the latest release as they're finally getting the revamped Chrome OS UI, with the app dock/panel, wallpapers and so on, at least in the stable channel.

Google also uses open-source drivers for the Cr-48 touchpad, which could mean a lot of things, including the fact that Google is getting ready to abandon the old devices and leave them in the hands of open-source volunteers.

Finally, Chromebook Series 5 550 owners, that's the Samsung model, the new Chromebooks introduced less than a couple of months ago, are getting a firmware update.

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