Google Calendar for Android to Get a Revamped UI Soon

No specific info on when the new app version arrives has been provided

Soon, owners of Android-based devices out there might enjoy a brand-new, redesigned flavor of the Calendar application, one that might arrive alongside the recently rumored revamped Gmail application sometime in the coming months.

Leaked screenshots that supposedly confirm Google’s plans on the release of said application update have already emerged online, though we should take them with a grain of salt, since there’s no official confirmation on the matter.

According to, the website that brought these images to the web, it seems that Google is already testing the user interface, and that Calendar on Android will eventually look like a brand-new application rather than as a simple update.

As can be seen in the aforementioned screenshots, the new application design comes with light circles instead of the hard lines available in the current release, this being the main UI change that users will see when launching it for the first time.

The said software version is also expected to arrive on devices with a new feature called daily agenda, which will automatically send an email with the full agenda for each day.

The Calendar is also expected to arrive with full Google+ integration, which means that said agenda will also include birthdays. At the same time, the app will feature a so-called parallax scrolling effect when flipping through months

The upcoming software release should also be able to provide users with a slicker experience, as well as with other appealing visual elements. In the end, the app will be much improved when compared to what users have on their Android devices at the moment.

Overall, it appears that the software features a great deal of similarities with the aforementioned upcoming version of the Gmail application, suggesting that other Google apps on Android might also receive a similar makeover.

According to, the application already feels ready for everyday use, despite the fact that Google is still keeping mum on it, and that only people inside the company have access to it at the moment.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling on whether the final app version will indeed look like this, since the screenshots appear to be showing only an interim build.

While no specific info on when users might start enjoying the capabilities of the new software release has been provided as of now, it appears that Google might plan on making the software official at the Google I/O conference that will take place in June.

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