Google Breakup: Depressing Image Captured by Street View

A woman picking up her things from the curb is caught on camera

A Google Street View shot posted to Reddit appears to capture the exact moment following a breakup, in which a woman picks up her things.

This image was posted by Redditor lpmark04 and, according to one user commenting on the photo, it’s about two years old.

Mashable writes that the woman was picking up her belongings after being kicked out of the house by her boyfriend.

She has all her things lying on the curb, and I can tell that this is not a moment she wished immortalized, shared and up voted.

The couple have been broken up for two years, and her ex-boyfriend has since moved away from the town where the snapshot was captured.

The worst part about seeing this scene is not knowing what prompted the breakup and the boyfriend’s reaction.

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