Google Announces Glass Partners for Medical, Media Apps

Google has handpicked a few companies to develop special apps

Google Glass isn’t just for tech enthusiasts, but also for cops, doctors and athletes. Today, the company has announced the names of four developer partners for special apps for the medical, media and sports industries.

APX Labs, the developer behind Skylight, the business software app for Glass, has been named, alongside AugMedix, which makes tools for doctors. CrowdOptic creates context-aware apps for the sports, entertainment and medical industries, while GuidiGo offers guided museum tours.

The four are just a few of the hundreds of enterprise developers that have talked with Google, trying to become a certified partner of the Internet giant.

“Glass Certified Partners are authorized by Glass at Work for delivering enterprise solutions for Glass. They are also eligible for co-branding and listing on the Glass at Work website,” Google’s specially created site reveals.

The four that were handpicked by the Internet giant are quite well known. For instance, APX Labs makes Skylight, the leading business software for Glass, which provides workers with hands-free, real-time access to enterprise data and the needed expertise while on the road. According to Google, Skylight is used by Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries.

AugMedix provides a tool for doctors, allowing them to spend more time with patients than on their computers filling out paperwork.

CrowdOptic’s software “detects significant broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices, and provides breathtaking content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications for the sports, entertainment, building/security, and medical industries,” Google notes.

A hospital in Boston is already using Google Glass and QR codes to identify patients. The system enables doctors to scan a patient’s code and view information about their health issues, history and more. This has helped them greatly to move faster in dealing with those in need.

The last addition, GuidiGo, explains that the company’s mission is to inspire people to connect with art and culture through a mobile storytelling experience.

Google clearly wants to point out that Glass can be used by everyone and that they should enjoy all the added bonuses of having a pair and actually wearing the item. Considering just how many bad opinions we’ve all heard about Google Glass, a little PR from Google is well received. Furthermore, all the negativity isn’t aimed at Glass per se and it doesn’t come from hating the device, but rather from the fact that it can intrude on the privacy of those around the wearer.

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