Google: Android Apps Will Soon Arrive on Your Chromebook

Google detailed a set of new features for its Chrome OS lappies

Today at the I/O conference, Google talked a little about their Chromebook products, saying customers love them because they offer speed, simplicity and security.

Google also mentioned that all laptops from Amazon’s top 10 lists were Chromebooks, showing that these budget-friendly products are becoming quite popular, especially in education. So the company is actively working to improve the user experience.

And a future feature you’ll probably really love is that you’ll soon be able to run your favorite smartphone/tablet Android apps on a Chromebook.

Google showed us a demo of Evernote, Vine and Flipboard Android apps working on a Chromebook Pixel. So we got to see how changes in the Evernote version on the Chromebook were automatically ported to the phone version of the app.

Google really wants you to be able to take advantage of the phone apps you love in an environment where you can interact with them by virtue of keyboard and mouse.

Another new feature added to the Chromebook roller coaster is locking and unlocking. What that means is that an Android smartphone will be able to unlock your Chromebook once placed in its vicinity, after the two devices recognize one another.

Furthermore, Chromebooks will be getting more Google Now notifications, so you’ll be able to see when you receive an incoming call or message from your smartphone, right on your laptop’s screen.

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