Google Wants Over 100 Top Level Domains Including .love and .lol (Full List)

Some of them are a sure bet .google, .youtube, others such as .book less so

ICANN has finally revealed the full list of new generic top level domain applications. Over 500 companies are trying to get a new TLD, but one of the most interested is Google.

The company applied for more than 100 domains. There are some obvious choices in there, .google. .goo, .youtube, .docs but also a couple of oddball ones like .lol or .love.

Google should have no trouble getting plenty if not most of the domains it's looking for, but it's going to fight for several of them. .app is coveted by 13 companies and organizations, including Amazon though, surprisingly, not Apple.

Only five other companies are fighting Google over the .baby domain, but eight other want .blog. .book is equally coveted, besides Google, Amazon and seven other groups are interested in it.

Interestingly, Google didn't apply for the domains in its own name. It makes sense perhaps since it wants so many of them, so the company created the Charleston Road Registry to apply for all of them.

That said, given that the applications are all linked to an email address, the fact that Google is behind them isn't much of a secret.

Here's the full list of domains Google is hoping to get: ads, and, android, app, are, baby, baby, blog, boo, book, buy, cal, car, channel, chrome, cloud, corp, cpa, dad, day, dclk, dds, dev, di, docs, dog, dot, drive, earth, eat, esq, est, family, film, fly, foo, free, fun, fyi, game, gbiz, gle, gmail, gmbh, goo, goog, google, guge, hangout, here, home, how, inc,ing, kid, live, llc, llp, lol, love, mail, gmail, map, mba, med, meme, mom, moto, mov, movie, music, new, nexus, page, pet, phd, play, plus, prod, prof, rsvp, search, shop, show, site, soy, spot, srl, store, talk, team, tech, tour, tube, vip, web, wow, you, youtube, zip, みんな, グーグル, 谷歌.

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