Google Affected by Major Downtime on Its 9th Anniversary?

Google unavailable to Comcast customers

Even if the Mountain View company today celebrates the 9th anniversary, it seems like it is affected by an impressive outage concerning many of the technologies powered by Google. There is no official statement at this time so it's only a rumor but Cameron Newland reports that Google's main page and some additional products became unavailable for most of the Comcast customers. In case you don't know, Comcast is a cable company and an Internet service provider based in Philadelphia. "Google has been confirmed to be not working on Comcast in Seattle, and according to various sources, Google is down across the country: Boston, New York State, and New Hampshire," the same source mentions.

Among the technologies affected by the outage, we can mention YouTube, AdSense, Reader and Google Calendar. However, it seems like YouTube is only partially affected as only some of the clips published on its page are unavailable.

Although it's hard to believe, read what Cameron Newland is saying: "The Comcast representative I spoke to mentioned that she'd heard all about the problem, and that they're trying to get Google to 'stop blocking [them]'".

Obviously, many of the users can visit another version of Google or any other Google-powered product because the Mountain View company has regional flavors of its solutions for numerous countries all over the world.

However, I must say it again, I think this is only fake news because I think it's impossible for a company like Google to block the customers of one of the largest US Internet service providers. Imagine that if Google takes this decision, it is one of the most affected because it loses traffic and consumers. And don't forget Google is currently celebrating its 9th anniversary. Until we have an official statement, take this as a rumor.

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