Golf Shot Hits Wife: Morgan Miller Says Sunglasses Saved Her Eyeball

Bode and Morgan went golfing, she could have lost an eye had it not been for the shades

Ski champ Bode Miller ended a golf outing with his wife Morgan Miller by holding her hand at the hospital, after he hit her in the eye with a golf ball traveling at 160 mph (257 kph). Had it not been for her shades, she would have been blind out of one eye now.

Word of the incident spread like wild fire, most likely because of the odds of it ever happening were incredibly low.

As we also informed you earlier today, Bode tried to avoid hitting a tree and actually got Morgan in the eye. She was standing behind the tree he tried to avoid.

Had it not been for her Kaenon shades, Morgan would have been blind out of an eye today, as both she and her husband say on their respective Twitter pages.

“A huge thank you to @Kaenon By absorbing a 160mph line drive I only got 50+ stitches instead of losing my eye #lucky,” Morgan writes from her hospital bed.

She also includes a photo of the glasses after the impact, which you can also see attached to this article. Amazingly, you can hardly tell they suffered a hit at 160 mph (257 kph).

“Thanks @kaenon for saving my wifes eye. An amazing lense and frame to take a 160mph line drive direct hit and not shatter. #highquality,” Bode also writes.

It was only normal for the shades to withstand such a strong impact, a company spokesperson tells TMZ: this is precisely the kind of situations the glasses were designed for. It would have been shocking if they didn’t withstand it.

“While accidents like this are rare, it was for this exact reason that we set out to create the SR-91 polarized lenses we did. Our thoughts and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery go out to Morgan and can't wait to see her blocking shots at the net again real soon,” the publicist says.

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