GoldieBlox, Building Blocks for Girls, Targets Superbowl Ad Spot

GoldieBlox helps develop spatial and analytical skills, the product is targeted at girls

GoldieBlox is making a play for a spot in the Superbowl ad section, once again prompting its building toys for girls.

The Huffington Post writes that the company has been created by engineer and CEO Debra Sterling via Kickstarter campaign.

She was able to raise a lot of money for her project, which is aimed at stopping gender discrimination where educational toys are involved.

Her research shows that building blocks help develop spatial skills and interests in the field of engineering and math.

These domains are reduced as boys' areas, since there are not a lot of toys such as GoldieBlox aimed at little girls.

Those Superbowl advertising slots are not easy to get into and usually require bidding millions and millions of dollars.

However, fans can vote for a commercial to occupy an ad spot, and you can watch the GoldieBlox entry above.

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