Golden Retriever from Australia Holds Record for World's Loudest Bark

Charlie's 113.1-decibel bark has won him a Guinness title

Six-year-old Charlie from Adelaide in Australia has been awarded the title for loudest barker in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Charlie's 113.1-decibel bark has surpassed the previous title holder's 108 decibels. The record was held by a British German shepherd, ABC News Australia reports.

"I think they roughly knew what the record was but I didn't really think he could beat it, I must admit... but he did,” owner Belinda Freebairn tells reporters.

She recalled her dog's bark being significantly different before he turned 1 year old, at which point it became deeper and louder.

She describes her golden retriever as quiet around the house, and, as he usually only barks on command, neighbors can rest assured that they will not be disturbed by him.

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