Golden Memory Released by Avexir, Complete with LEDs

The Avexir Core GOLD RAM features Intel XMP 1.3 technology

High-end hardware components don't really need to look particularly majestic, but companies like to make them look good anyway, because there's not much else they can use against their rivals.

Thus, the Core GOLD – Yellow LED memory kit that Avexir has just released has a golden heatsink and yellow LED lights despite both being unnecessary.

Well, the heatspreader is necessary, but it didn't need to be colored that way, and the LED is definitely just there for beauty's sake.

Clearly, the company prepared it for the eventuality of being installed in computers with cases that have side windows.

The golden LEDs might not fit with most chassis offers. After all, red, green and blue LEDs are the usual types used by them.

Still, there are custom LED lighting systems that allow for other colors to be selected. Between those and keyboards with similar backlighting color support, there should be a place for Avexir's latest creation.

Besides, the glow of the memory can be used instead of LED-lit fans to make the whole system shine like the sun.

Anyway, as far as specifications go, Avexir didn't cut any corners. Sure, this isn't a super-capacity kit, but 8 GB should be enough for most gamers, especially with the DDR3-2133 MHz clock speed and the latency of CL 9-11-10-27.

XMP 1.3 technology is supported as well (Intel Extreme Memory Profile).

Moving on, the newcomer can operate at a speed of 1333 MHz as well, in which case the timings become CL 9-9-9-24 and the voltage drops from 1.65V to 1.5V.

Avexir's Core GOLD – Yellow LED memory is hand tested in multiple PC tests, on both Intel and AMD motherboards. It complies with JEDEC standards fully. Sales should already be underway, for €89.98 / $120. Check your local retailers or online stores to see if it's in stock.


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