Golden Globes 2013: Tommy Lee Jones Is Grumpy the Cat

Actor’s “not impressed” face at the awards gala goes viral

Do you remember Grumpy the Cat? Well, we now have a celebrity counterpart for Grumpy, thanks to last night’s Golden Globes 2013: Tommy Lee Jones.

Below is a video of the moment that made Jones the latest viral star: keep an eye out for the “not impressed” face he makes during Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell’s introduction.

He might not have set out to look this sour on camera, but this is exactly how he came across.

Since the awards gala wrapped up, memes have taken over the Internet. Many of them compare him to Grumpy, the famously grumpy and evil looking cat.

As I also noted earlier today, GIFs have also started making the rounds, with the funniest moments of the night: yes, Jones is in one of them too though, by the looks of it (below), you could almost swear it was a regular picture and not a GIF.

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