Golden Globes 2013: The Worst Dressed Ladies

Halle Berry, Jessica Chastain, Julianne Hough dare to be bold – and fail

Unlike previous editions of the Golden Globes or most big red carpets, this year’s GGs lacked complete fashion disasters. However, that’s mostly because few were the ladies who were actually bold enough to try something different for a change.

Of those who did, many failed and have earned a mention in today’s post.

Fashion on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2013 was surprisingly bland. There were blues and nude colors, reds and black, some feathers and lots of crystals but, other than that, there was nothing truly bold to speak of.

Jessica Chastain, one of the big winners of the night, thought she’d go for a sweet look, which she described to reporters like a “blue cascade.”

It’s true that the color of this Calvin Klein dress was very pretty on her, making her gorgeous red hair and extraordinary face stand out, but this is where its pros stop.

The fit of it was totally wrong, as also was the cut, adding pounds to Jessica’s slender waist and making her cleavage appear to hang low, about as low as her waistline. That she nearly spilled out of the dress when she went up on stage only made it worse.

Lucy Liu, who was up on stage as presenter sometime during the evening, was also one of the worst dressed ladies of the night.

Her Carolina Herrera ballgown was fitted perfectly but it was simply too big, too fussy and too dramatic for the occasion. It was overkill in every sense of the word and, if that’s not bad enough, it also looked as if it was made from grandma’s curtains.

Rachel Weisz and Giuliana Rancic both wore black. Both these women are considered trendsetters and are every designer’s dream girl but the red carpet at the Golden Globes was definitely not their best moment.

Rachel wore a black Louis Vuitton mini-dress with a longer see-through skirt (with polka dots!), while Giuliana went unnecessarily goth in an odd Celia Kritharioti creation that did nothing for her slender figure.

However, even so, it was Halle Berry who took home the crown of the night’s worst dressed lady, not because it was that ugly but because it was one of the most inappropriate choices of the lot.

Combining abstract patterns, cut-outs, thigh slit and veil, and an asymmetric and rather ill-fitting neckline, the only merit of the dress was that it showed off Halle’s insane figure.

Eva Longoria wore custom Emilio Pucci in black, which she accessorized with spider eyelashes, a poof Morticia would have envied her for, and lots of attitude. None of it could distract from the fact that the dress ignored one of the basic principles on the red carpet: show either cleavage or leg.

Lea Michelle’s dress was ruined by her orange tan (most of it natural because she’d just returned from vacation) and washed her out completely, while celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe looked as if she’d dipped her entire face in makeup / foundation. Plus, she wore a sparkly sack.

Lena Dunham, yet another of the night’s big winners, opted for Zac Posen but the cut and color of the gown wasn’t the best she could have chosen. She also had incredibly high heels on and could hardly walk in them, which made her totter when she had to go up on stage to collect an award.

Julianne Hough’s dress was spectacular: a Monique Lhuillier creation whose only fault was that it was too dramatic for the occasion. The overall effect was also ruined by Julianne’s makeup and hair (also too dramatic).

Speaking of not choosing the right gown for the Golden Globes, at least according to Hollywood’s unwritten fashion rules, we might as well include here Olivia Munn, who looked a bit out of place (and definitely very uncomfortable) in a one-piece strapless Giorgio Armani dress that oddly translated to the camera as a two-piece.

Nicole Richie’s powder blue Naeem Kaan was just perfect, but the color did not suit her complexion and hair. The bright blue makeup did her no favors either.

Kerry Washington and Marion Cotillard, again two women known for how fashion-forward they are at events of this kind, opted for the wrong length: their dresses would have been more suited for a movie premiere or some fancy cocktail party than for the Globes.

Sienna Miller, on the other hand, chose the most unflattering tube dress ever. The fabric was also a bit childish for the occasion.


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