Golden Globes 2013: Taylor Swift Gives Adele the Cold Stare for Winning

“Skyfall” beat “Safe and Sound” for Best Original Song, Taylor wasn’t happy

At last night’s Golden Globes 2013, Adele won Best Original Song with “Skyfall” and, judging by the video above, she was really not expecting to go home clutching a statuette. One person who was expecting it was Taylor Swift.

Check out the video.

Because of the cold stare Taylor seems to shoot at Adele, many voices online are saying she was mentally shrieking at having lost, given how she always wins when she’s nominated – or has so for the past few years now.

Even so, she could have been a bit more gracious about it, the same voices are saying.

Personally, I’d say there’s some major shade throwing going on there, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call the look a “death” stare. Still, Taylor is clearly neither happy nor amused.

It’s all clearer in pictures.

Adele was happy:

Meanwhile, Taylor:

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