Golden Globes 2013: Jodie Foster Did Not Retire from Acting

Star explains her weird but beautiful speech to reporters, says they got it all wrong

Without a doubt, Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement, was the weirdest and most beautiful moment at the Golden Globes 2013, held on Sunday night in Los Angeles and broadcast by NBC.

You can see it below, embedded at the end of this article, just in case you missed it.

Among the highlights of the speech, we noted the other day Foster’s coming out as gay and her apparent announcement that she was retiring from acting to branch out in the industry, presumably towards directing.

She did not retire, Foster explained to reporters backstage in the press room, Us Weekly reports.

Even if it sounded like she was literally announcing her retirement (after all, she did say that that was the last time she would be seen on that stage), she was merely talking about “change,” she explained.

“I could never stop acting. You'd have to drag me behind, like, a team of horses. No, I'm not retiring from acting,” the star said.

“And, you know, I'd like to be directing tomorrow... I'm actually more into it than I have ever been. [My point was] that people change. Change is important,” Foster went on to say.

“And, you know, hopefully I'll be doing different things than I did when I was three years old and six years old and ten years old and 20 years old... My work is evolving,” she added.

As for the rest of her speech, Jodie would only say that “it speaks for itself” when asked about whether it should be considered her coming out as gay.

In the same interview, Jodie Foster explained why she thanked Mel Gibson in her speech, saying he had “saved” her.

She said they were the best of friends and that the Mel the media painted was not the same person that she knew: kind, loving and supportive, a most loyal friend indeed.

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