Golden Globes 2013: Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Take Rivalry on Stage

NBC comedians present award, don’t get too many points for their brief moment

The Golden Globes 2013 aired live on NBC, so it only made sense for network bosses to approach comedians on the same network for appearances. Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno were one of the many pairs of presenters.

However, unlike Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, their exchange was forced, unfunny and not even that original.

Jimmy and Jay presented the award for Best TV Comedy to Lena Dunham’s “Girls” on HBO.

The playful jabs they took in the intro are included in the video above – but playful as they are, they’re not really that funny.

“Oh, wait, are we still talking about the Golden Globes?,” Fallon asks towards the end.

Of course not. They were talking about the much coveted NBC late night spots and the possibility of having Fallon take over from Leno.

Even when it makes more sense because it has a proper background, the exchange wasn’t that funny – but at least they tried.

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