Golden Globes 2013: Benedict Cumberbatch Talks “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Actor chats with MTV, is as charming and gracious as ever

You can either love or hate Benedict Cumberbatch for his oddly beautiful looks and talent in front of the camera, but you can’t possibly deny that he’s always an incredibly graceful interview.

Check out his short chat with MTV on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2013.

Among other things, Benedict talks about Robert Pattinson and “Twilight,” Steven Spielberg and Adele, whom he absolutely loves. When it comes to “Star Trek Into Darkness,” he declines dishing out the details, but does so in such a manner that it’s impossible to resent him for not saying more.

As a bonus, a second video: check it out to hear Cumberbatch thank the Internet for adoring him, say that Tom Hiddleston is the more charming of the two, and explain that he’s not on Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

Best quote ever: “The more charming person is the person that admits the other person is more charming, so Tom Hiddleston is more charming.”

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