Golden Globes 2012: Erin Wasson Is Worst Dressed of the Night

Model turns heads for all the wrong reasons at post-awards show party

Because of their bodies, models can get away with some of the boldest, most outrageous fashion choices one could imagine. However, that was not the case with Erin Wasson at an afterparty for the Golden Globes 2012.

The awards show took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA and, while Wasson did not walk the red carpet before the gala (or even attend it, for all we know), she still managed to get people talking about her in connection to the event.

Basically, she showed up at an InStyle afterparty wearing close to nothing. For the sake of propriety, we can't include any frontal photos of her dress, but you can see a couple of them here, at the Daily Mail.

It's not that Wasson actually had a “dress” on to speak of, but there's no better term to refer to the flimsy bit of sheer and shredded fabric that barely covered her modesty.

With a V-cut that went down to her navel and a sheer top, Wasson left little to the imagination even though, to her credit, the top had some sort of strategically placed appliqués / lace detailing on her chest.

As if that wasn't revealing enough, the skirt of the “dress” was shredded, which means her underwear – and just about every inch of her body – was clearly visible.

Putting aside the consideration that this was not an outfit appropriate for a Golden Globes event, it was also very ugly, as fashion e-zine Go Fug Yourself also points out.

“Erin Wasson, I have learned at Fashion Week, is a model and 'designer' and former muse of Alexander Wang. And obviously she was pretty sure this was her night – at a Golden Globes afterparty, celebrating things in which she did not star, at a ceremony where she was not a nominee, in an industry for which she barely works,” the e-zine notes.

“I would congratulate her on being, unequivocally, the worst-dressed person of the night, except I’m not sure she’s eligible because technically she isn’t dressed at all,” GFU says.

“Or to put it in totally hacky terms that I think you will enjoy because you know how much I love a deliberately awful pun: That outfit’s not so much wasson as wassoff. I hope the editors of InStyle slapped a disclaimer on her back while she was in the bar line,” adds the same publication.

Indeed, Wasson's outfit was bad – the worst the Globes have seen in years, and that's really saying a lot.

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