Golden Globes 2011: Ricky Gervais Feels Bad About Johnny Depp Joke

There’s no doubt that, unlike in previous years, in 2011, the Golden Globes were a bit less boring for being more controversial. Ricky Gervais as host managed to get mixed but very strong reactions – and he’s not sorry for anything he said, except about that Johnny Depp joke.

As we also informed you earlier today, some did not take kindly to the British comedian’s dirty, sometimes dated and most often offensive jokes during the awards show.

For all it’s worth, Gervais himself has no regret, even if he realized even before the show was over that he wouldn’t be called back to present such a ceremony ever again.

The LA Times Awards Tracker caught up with Gervais while on a break from hosting duties, and he said he hoped he could make peace with all the stars he name-dropped during his monologues.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he’s sorry for what he said or that he had any plans of apologizing.

“I hope everyone took it well. This is the time where I go around to them and say, ‘You do know I love you, right?’ I hope they can all take a bit of roasting from a nobody like me,” Gervais told the aforementioned e-zine.

And while he wouldn’t apologize to anyone, he did feel sorry about cracking a joke at Johnny Depp’s expense, the comedian admitted.

As we also noted earlier today, when Gervais joked about “The Tourist” in which Depp stars with Angelina Jolie, the camera cut to the actor and, try as he might to mask it, he was upset at the jab.

“I did feel bad about Johnny. It’s true, though I didn’t see the movie. Johnny is a genius and I hope he could take a few digs,” Gervais said.

“Did I think twice about any of [the jokes]? No I didn’t. I’d say any of that to their faces, I’d walk up to them and say it. That’s the test for me. And it’s in good fun,” the comedian added.

Still, at the same time, he knew he’d blown his chances of ever being invited back.

“The HFPA doesn’t want me, NBC doesn’t want me. Scientologists are out to get me. Johnny Depp is going to beat me up in the parking lot – and America won’t want me anymore after my atheist comment,” Gervais said.

Both the HFPA and NBC might reconsider soon, though: online polls show that 70% of viewers found Gervais’ jokes extremely funny and smart, saying he was by far the most entertaining guest in the history of the show, The Wrap informs.

Ricky Gervais' opening monologue at the Golden Globes 2011:

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