Golden Globes 2011: Christina Aguilera Gets into Fight with Julianne Hough

Professional dancer and country singer Julianne Hough is not on Christina Aguilera’s favorites list, it would seem. At a pre-Golden Globes 2011 party, the two got into a very heated confrontation, it has emerged.

Though it’s not known what may have started all this bad blood between the two blondes, it is believed it could have something to do with the time they worked together on the set of the critically panned “Burlesque.”

Either way, it was Aguilera who launched at Hough, who just happened to be at the same party as she was, Contact Music informs, citing reports in the US media.

“Julianne Hough, the 22-year-old American singer and current girlfriend of the television personality Ryan Seacrest, found herself in a confrontation with Christina Aguilera at a pre-Golden Globes party on Friday (14th January 2011),” the e-zine reports.

Out of the blue, when Aguilera saw Hough come in at the party at the SoHo House in West Hollywood, she went at her, verbally abusing and even threatening her much in the manner of “you’ll never work in this town again.”

“Other attendees of the bash included Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Colin Firth,” Contact Music writes.

“An eyewitness said that Aguilera was not pleased to see Hough at the party, adding, ‘Christina really got in her face’ and that she ‘unleashed a verbal barrage at Hough’,” the same e-zine notes.

Aguilera didn’t stop here either, the report says: she also made a move for Julianne and, had not people interfered, she would have probably caused her some physical damage.

“Aguilera even grabbed the 22-year-old and that before the two could be separated she ‘threatened to torpedo Hough’s burgeoning country singing career’,” says Contact Music.

As noted above, it’s yet to be determined what caused the rift between the two stars and whether it has anything to do with the short time they spent together on the “Burlesque” set.

If true, this would actually come as quite a surprise since it’s the first time that word of any animosity between Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough gets out in the media.

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