Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Toddler – The Video May Be Fake

Watch this clip in slow motion, paying attention to the kid's movements

Earlier today, I posted a clip in which a toddler is swooped away for a brief moment by a Golden Eagle. It turns out that the video might be completely fake, staged and edited to look very realistic.

It appears the original video was uploaded yesterday by one MrNuclearCat. Gawker notes that this is the only video uploaded by the user, which usually means someone is trying to misinform YouTubers.

Secondly, were the clip real, the incident would have been covered by Canadian media, since it allegedly took place in a park in Montreal, and that is not the case.

If you watch the clip in slow motion, featured above, you can notice one of the eagle's wings disappear briefly. The bird's shadow seems to be missing from some of the shots.

Also, the toddler's stiff motions are inconsistent with the situation, and my guess is someone used a dummy to create a viral video.

Do you think it's real? Post your take on the clip in the comment section below.

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