Golden Corral Restaurant Closes Following 167 Reported Cases of Food Poisoning

This budget buffet and steak house voluntarily agreed to no longer serve customers

After as many as 167 people ended up needing medical attention as a result of food poisoning, a newly opened budget buffet and steak house in Wyoming, the Golden Corral Restaurant in Casper, voluntarily agreed to quit serving customers.

For the time being, public health officials are still unsure what caused all these people to become sick, seeing how preliminary investigations carried out at this restaurant failed in pinning down any source of contamination.

However, seeing how all of the 167 people who self-reported their food poisoning admitted to having eaten at the Golden Corral, there is little doubt that the one or more dishes served at this restaurant came with an unexpected and uncalled for side of illness.

The restaurant closed on Thursday, and for the time being its staff members are busy trying to clean up and disinfect it.

Meanwhile, members of the Natrona County Health Department are conducting tests, hoping that they will eventually stumble upon the “culprit.” 

Both the Golden Corral's management and its staff proved to be highly cooperative, and offered their full support to the ongoing investigation.

Judging by the symptoms these 167 customers displayed, it is believed that these people somehow became exposed to norvirus, a virus which can be contracted either by drinking and eating contaminated water and food, or by coming in close contact with contaminated objects and surfaces.

Apparently, this virus causes inflammations in both one's intestines and one's stomach.

According to the New York Daily News, local Public Health Director Robert Harrington made a case of how, “We now have reports of 167 people who self-reported their illness, and all report dining at that particular restaurant.”

“That doesn't completely indict the restaurant, but it does make a suggestive association,” Robert Harrington went on to add.

Hopefully, more information on this topic will soon be made available to the general public.

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