GoboLinux 015 Linux OS Arrives with Different Logical File Structure

The latest version of GoboLinux can be downloaded from Softpedia

GoboLinux, a modular Linux distribution that organizes programs in the system in a new, logical way, has just reached version 015 after a six-year hiatus.

The GoboLinux developers kept their operating system alive only by feeding it compilation recipes, similar with a rolling release model. The novelty of this Linux operating system is that it doesn't use the regular file system structure, but something different and supposedly much simpler, such as /Programs/Xorg/7.7 and /Programs/Htop/1.0.3.

“This is the first full-system image release in a number of years, after a long period in which we kept only updating compilation recipes. Packages were built using both ALFS (Automated Linux from Scratch) and our custom dynamically-generated sandboxed environment which insulates the source code and its dependencies during compilation.”

“Major upgrades include the Enlightenment 18 desktop and kernel version 3.14.2, as well as new versions of the GoboLinux management tools,” reads the official announcement.

The new GoboLinux ISO is a Live CD, which features the complete Enlightenment 18 desktop environment, LibreOffice, and numerous other applications.

The latest iteration of GoboLinux 015 is a major release and it incorporates a number of major features. For example, a unified widget toolkit for Python which detects and adapts itself for different environments has been added, the installer works on both text and graphical mode, and a Udev-based hardware detection system has been implemented.

Also, the distribution has been compiled to run on i686-class systems, which means that processors higher than Pentium IV should be able to run it. This also means that it will only run on 32-bit processor.

The hardware systems requirements for the operating systems are also quite small. Users will need 128 MB of RAM as the recommended minimum for a text-mode install, 512 MB are needed for the recommended minimum to load the graphic Enlightenment desktop, and the Live system must load with at least 1 GB or RAM.

“Video cards are supported through the Xorg X11 server, with the fallback "vesa" driver covering the vast majority of current cards. A large number of sound cards are supported through ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and OSS (Open Sound System). Other peripherals are supported through additional packages (SANE, GPhoto, etc.) available in the GoboLinux recipe store,” the developers also noted in the announcement.

It's recommenced the you first try the Live operating system before deciding to install it. Check out the official changelog for more details about this release. Download GoboLinux 015 right now from the website.

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