Goat-like Creature with Human Face and Eight Legs Found in Palestine

Check out this video of what looks like a goat with a genetic disorder

This video of an unknown creature resembling a goat went viral on YouTube, after it was posted by LiveLeaksRussia just 2 days ago.

There is very few information about the animal, except for the fact the footage was taken in Palestine, somewhere on the Gaza Strip. The animal appears to be a goat that suffers from a genetic disorder, having 8 legs.

On a closer look, you can make out the goat-like creature's human features.

The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is believed to be the first species ever domesticated. Evidence of goat remains dating 9,000 years ago were found in the proximity of human settlements, in the Iran region, Wikipedia informs.

Capra hircus is a subspecies of the wild goat, or Capra aegagrus, found in Eastern Europe, Central and Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

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