Goat-like Creature with Human Face and Eight Legs Found in Palestine

The animal is probably suffering from a genetic disorder

If there's one thing the Internet can't get enough of - well, apart from cat videos and conspiracy theories - that's stories about weird creatures with multiple heads, one too many limbs for their species or some other horrifying deformity. 

The video below, supposedly showing an unknown creature resembling a goat of sorts, is now viral on YouTube, where it was posted by LiveLeaksRussia just a couple of days ago.  

There is very little information about the animal and how it was discovered. All we know is that the footage was taken in Palestine, somewhere in the Gaza Strip.

If real and not some elaborate hoax, the animal appears to be a goat suffering from a mysterious genetic disorder. Such a condition would explain its eight legs, which is twice the norm for the species.   

It would also explain why, at a closer look, the creature displays human features. Yup, we're talking about its human-like mouth and even its eyes. Heck, its entire face resembles that of a human.

The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is believed to be the first species ever domesticated. Evidence of goat remains dating 9,000 years ago were found in the proximity of human settlements, in the Iran region.   

Capra hircus is a subspecies of the wild goat, or Capra aegagrus, found in Eastern Europe, Central and Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

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