Goat Escapes Slaughterhouse, Goes for a Walk Around Brooklyn

Police looking to catch it get help from a former goat herder

This past Thursday, a goat somehow managed to escape from a slaughterhouse and decided to do some sightseeing in Brooklyn.

The goat embarked on its journey around midnight and, as one eyewitness recalls, “I come around the corner and the next thing I know I see a goat coming around my way, galloping toward me.”

According to Daily Mail, the police officers who arrived at the scene looking to trap the animal only managed to do so because a security guard who used to be an goat herder in West Africa happened to be nearby.

Thus, this man used a lasso to catch the goat, and soon enough the chase was done with.

Luckily for the goat, rumor has it that, rather than being returned to the slaughterhouse, it will be taken to an animal sanctuary.

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