Go Green with the Solar iPhone Case from Solar Arcadia

Eco-gadgets for the win

One more gadget has entered the neat world of the “go green:” it's the solar-powered iPhone leather case from Solar Arcadia. Now, there are so many reasons for you to choose this special product over any common one (or any case at all), and the “green factor” is only one of them. From the start, we have to say that having some solar cells at the back of your phone case does not mean that you can talk forever, as some believe. Instead, if you're running low on the power in your iPhone when you actually need to make the most of it, the energy surplus provided by the solar case might really save the day.

The contraption from Solar Arcadia is made of eco- and animal-friendly ABS sheepskin, and sports a very stylish design, which will delight even the most discerning of the fashion slaves, while at the same time protect your valuable iPhone from abrasion and small shocks.

You can choose from two designs, namely flip and “book type,” while red, white, or black (only flip) colors are available to suit your personal style. According to Solar Arcadia, the case is loaded with a 3.7V 1,500mAh Lithium Ion Polymer battery, and you need around 12 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge an iPhone. Nevertheless, should you glimpse at the handy LED battery status indicators at the bottom of the product, they will tell you how much current you can rely on.

The electric eye measures 83mm x 50 mm, and the multicrystal silicon cells work with an efficiency rating above 16%. The photocell can deliver a peak power of 0.61W, providing a maximal charging current of 100mA. An empty iPhone battery and its internal one may be recharged in 3 hours, by using the solar case, and that's quite cool.

Moreover, if you happen to run out of power from the built-in cell, you can still recharge your iPhone from the Sun itself, after switching the case to the direct charge mode. Now, if you feel like some energy backup for your iPhone would be useful (especially when completely free), you can get your hands on this gadget for $45.90.

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