“Go Get Your Own Grumpy Cat,” Ian Somerhalder Says

The actor wants people to head towards the nearest animal shelter, adopt a kitten

Ian Somehalder is well known for his having a particularly soft spot for animals. Therefore, his asking people to “go get your own grumpy cat” shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone.

While sitting for an interview with People, the actor argued that, unlike dogs, cats don't get all that much publicity when it comes to getting adopted by loving families.

However, Grumpy Cat did get mentioned online roughly 52 million times in a period of time of just 24 hours, so perhaps there is still hope for kittens worldwide to start getting the attention they deserve.

“I wish we could have that many mentions for, you know, adoption…If you love Grumpy Cat, and you can’t get a munchkin Siamese with blue eyes, go get another cat…They’re all adorable and at times grumpy. Go get your own grumpy cat,” Ian Somerhalder reportedly said.

Here's hoping the actor’s message will be heard by the right ears, and that those wishing to welcome a kitten into their lives will adopt rather than buy one.

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