Go Daddy Kiss Ad for Super Bowl Required 45 Takes

Jesse Heiman won the lottery when he was picked to kiss Bar Rafaeli

One of the hottest ads that will run at this year’s Super Bowl is emerging to be the Go Daddy one featuring supermodel Bar Rafaeli and a chubby boy playing a computer geek. Apparently, the boy won the lottery when he was cast as Walter.

First things first, though: above is the video, just in case you missed it yesterday when I first covered it.

Go Daddy says that Jesse Heiman was a “Go Daddy hosting customer long before he was cast to play Walter,” but his good luck did not stop here either.

According to the Inquisitr, the short ad required 45 takes until it was deemed just perfect to go on air during the most important sporting event of the year.

That’s like, 44 times more kissing one of the hottest women on the planet than you can see in the video above. I’m sure Walter Jesse did not complain about the long work day.

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