Gnote 3.9.1 Adds GNOME Shell Search Provider

This is the first unstable release towards Gnote 3.10

The first development version of the upcoming Gnote 3.10 note-taking application for the GNOME desktop environment was released a couple of days ago with several new features, bugfixes and updated translations.

Gnote 3.9.1 comes with the ability to check for desktop file validity, a redesigned main window toolbar, shorten special notebook names, Ctrl+W accelerator to close the window, F10 accelerator for the gears button, accelerator for New Note in the main window, and a tooltip for the pin button.

This development release of Gnote also adds a GNOME Shell search provider, embeds the note toolbar into the main window, moves the add-in menu items to the main window's gears menu, renames the Pinned Notes toolbar to Important Notes, shortens special notebook names, makes the TOC header items act on an entire line, and removes the insensitive Font Size menu item.

Among the bugs fixed in Gnote 3.9.1, we can mention that the keywords translations have been repaired, the English usage and grammar throughout help pages have been fixed, TOC accelerators when IBus is used are now working, splitter in search window has been repaired, as well as text fixes in the preferences dialog.

Moreover, the sensibility of the "Open Note in New Window" context item has been fixed, new notes are now numbered from 1, notes and notebooks can now be sorted case-insensitively and using Unicode, and the All Notes notebook selection in search has been repaired.

The following translations have been updated in this unstable release: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Lithuanian and Slovenian. Moreover, the Czech and Spanish manuals have been updated. For more details, please see the official raw changelog.

Download Gnote 3.9.1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

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