Gnome 3.7.4 Officially Launched, Features Search Anywhere Function

A new function that will help heavy keyboard users has been implemented

Frederic Peters has announced the forth development release of the GNOME 3.8 desktop environment.

The development of the GNOME 3.8 is progressing nicely and the developers are pumping even more changes into the desktop environment.

As stated in the announcement, this current release of Gnome, more precisely GNOME 3.7.4 ( the name of the development version of the 3.8 branch), has been delayed for a few days.

“This got delayed by a few days as we were waiting for tarballs but here is GNOME 3.7.4, it has many new things. Still this is a development release and we had to do it while missing some important tarballs, most importantly we had to do with an older tracker tarball, and that makes building gnome-boxes, gnome-documents, and nautilus impossible,” said Frederic Peters.

As usual, GNOME 3.7.4 comes with a lot of core and app updates, such as Anjuta 3.7.4, Cheese 3.7.4, Evolution 3.7.4, and File Roller 3.7.2.

Other major new versions include Gedit 3.7.3, Gnome Boxes 3.7.3, Orca 3.7.4, Rygel 0.17.6, Vinagre 3.7.4, NetworkManager, Clutter 1.13.4, Empathy 3.7.4, Eye of Gnome 3.7.4, Evince 3.7.4, Gtk+ 3.7.6, Files (former Nautilus) 3.7.4, and Vino 3.7.4.

One of the most interesting new features added to Gnome 3.7.4 is a new Search function. Described as a “just type” system, uses will be able to expand the search beyond the Gnome Shell, including Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, and so on.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of updated packages, accompanied by their appropriate changelogs. As you would imagine, the number of updated packages is much bigger and we only provided some highlights.

The next development release will be 3.7.5, and it's planned for February 4, just after the Developer Experience Hackfest and FOSDEM.

Download GNOME 3.7.4 right now from Softpedia. This release is a snapshot of early development code. Although it is buildable and usable, it is primarily intended for testing and hacking purposes.

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