Gmail Users Prefer Microsoft’s – Survey

Microsoft’s very own survey reveals that more Gmail users make the switch to

Microsoft officially launched the new in July and, according to its very own data, more and more users are making the switch to the updated email service.

Gmail remains one of the fiercest rivals for, but Microsoft claims that Google’s registered users are actually preferring its very own service.

The Redmond-based technology company has hired a research firm to recruit Gmail users and find out their opinion on, trying to determine whether this product is good enough to convince Google’s users to make the move to the updated Outlook.

It appears that most Gmail users prefer’s clean user design and think that it does a much better job when it comes to blocking spam. What’s more, makes it easier to share photos and Office documents, Gmail users said according to Microsoft.

Last but not least, 4 out of 5 of the Gmail users included in the survey admitted they would abandon Google’s email service and move to

“We asked the Gmail users to sign-up for addresses, forward email from Gmail to, and try's best features. The Gmail users loved it,” Microsoft explained.

“We found that about a third of users are active Gmail users trying for the first time. To date, over 25 million of you are already actively using the new”

Microsoft has also revealed the four features that make the transition easier for Gmail users, emphasizing that its efforts to improve are finally paying off.

Keyboard shortcuts, the quick access to search operations, tab/send and conversation threading are the main features that convinced Gmail users to abandon Google’s service and make the switch to, according to the software giant.

ComScore data has revealed that Gmail topped Yahoo! and Hotmail when it comes to the number of unique visitors in October, with Google’s mail service recording a total of 287.9 million visitors. Microsoft’s Hotmail arrived second with 286.2 million unique visitors, while Yahoo! came third with 281.7 million.

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