Globalfoundries: 7nm Chips Set for 2017 Launch

They will follow immediately after the 2015-bound 14nm

Information about Globalfoundries' chip manufacturing plans has made its way to the net, some of which pertains to happenings expected several years down the line.

We've already reported on the 14nm and 10nm plans, and how those processes will have both “pure” and hybrid variants.

Now we can safely say that the 7nm node is a sure thing for the future, or rather a goal that Globalfoundries has every intention of eventually reaching.

The report held no details on whether or not there would be both pure and hybrid versions, like with 10nm and 14nm.

It did make it clear that the processors would enter mass production by 2017 though.

If nothing else, Advanced Micro Devices is positioned to always have something new to base its APUs and CPUs on for the next half a decade.

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