GlobalSign Releases Free SSL Configuration Checker

The online service is powered by Qualys SSL Labs technology

World-renowned SSL certificate provider GlobalSign has released a free online service – the SSL Configuration Checker – which allows organizations that rely on SSL for website security to assess their configurations.

Numerous organizations utilize SSL to ensure that their customers’ information is protected against cybercriminal attacks.

However, companies must also make sure that their SSL configurations are not faulty, and this is where the SSL Configuration Checker steps in.

“With the availability of SSL Configuration Checker, GlobalSign is adding context to SSL issues by helping companies understand how best to configure SSL to reduce their risk and optimize performance. Our goal is to help all organizations reduce SSL-related risks,” said Ryan Hurst, GlobalSign CTO.

The tool provides important guidance on how to reduce the ability of potential attackers to exploit faulty configurations.

SSL Configuration Checker – powered by technology provided by Qualys SSL Labs – is easy to use. Customers must enter the URL of the website they want to check and, within seconds, they are presented with a grade, a simplified explanation and, most importantly, remediation steps in case they’re required.

According to a study performed by Qualys SSL Labs, over 70% of the websites that utilize SSL are incorrectly configured and, in many cases, it’s difficult to precisely determine what must be done to remediate these issues.

“Configuring SSL properly is an important step in realizing the benefits of SSL. However, it’s often hard for administrators to find comprehensive guidance on how to accomplish this goal. Our work with GlobalSign is addressing this need and making the Internet a safer place for everyone,” said Ivan Ristic, director of engineering at Qualys.

“Security doesn't end at the close of a technology sale. Providers need to deliver ongoing support for products and services that allow their customers to maximize the value of their solutions and increase their effectiveness as the threat landscape changes,” Richard Stiennon – noted security author, speaker and founder of IT-Harvest – explained.

“As a Certificate Authority, GlobalSign is in the best position to understand website administrators’ needs in configuring SSL and remediation of security issues.”

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